Are you ready to discover your purpose?
The time is now!

Discover your purpose

This interactive and visually engaging event will change the lives of both youth and adults with tangible mental and physical tools to help one understand what purpose truly is and how one goes about discovering their purpose and applying purpose to their career paths and life.

Participant take a ways:

  • Learn what purpose truly is and how to discover one’s purpose.
  • Be empowered to make positive and impactful life changing decisions.
  • Detailed instruction on creating a successful plan of action and execution strategy for an initial or transitional career path that aligns with your purpose.
  • Building a mental mindset to overcome mental and physical challenges.

Suggested Presentation Venues: (Not limited to)

  • Keynotes (Business or Education)
  • Conferences & Break out sessions
  • Workshops (Up to 4 day workshops)
  • Pep Rallies
  • In the classroom
  • First day of School or Quarters & Semesters
  • One on One

Event Feature:

  • Audience participation through activities and questions
  • Visual Presentation that includes hologram
  • Workshops (Up to 4 day workshops)
  • Humor and other emotional experiences
  • Event duration options of 45 min, 1.0 hour or 2 hours ( Choose option in registration)

Supplemental Products

  • Dream Catcher
  • Dream Catcher Advance
  • Dream Catcher Workbook