Dream Catcher K-12

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Why Dream Catcher?

Learning Management System

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher  is a dynamic, edutainment & online, interactive career readiness course that will guide students to Discover their Purpose through motivational tools & activities. Dream Catcher is comprised of eight powerful lessons that are designed to engage the student and spark intrinsic motivation. Dream Catcher students discover relevance for core academic curriculum through investigating one’s purpose and most suitable career path. What sets Dream Catcher apart from other programs and assessment base software is that Dream Catcher brings out and incorporate one’s, passions, values, dreams and goals into the life and career decision making process. Dream Catcher focuses on developing people not just career development.

Students Will Receive

  • Learn what having a purpose is and means.
  • How to use Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation.
  • Self exploration into passion, purpose, dreams and goals.
  • Explore career clusters for purpose alignment.
  • Learn the key building blocks of success.
  • Identify their interest, aptitudes, skills and career passions.
  • Aligning purpose and career pathway with academic goals.
  • Be empowered to make positive life decisions.
  • Practice workforce terminology and employability skills.
  • Create a career plan of action and execution strategy.
  • Establish a protected and regularly updated personal profile & virtual interview.

 School & Organizations Receive

  • Plug In Play programing.
  • Learning Management System.
  • Reliable statistical data that highlights what careers students are inteested in and have chosen.
  • Admin, Teacher, Counselor, Parent accounts.
  • Never before ability to easily personalized each students academic and career development experience.
  • Printable and digital artifacts to demonstrate what the student has learned in every lesson.
  • Free Updates for the first year.
  • Covers most State and Federal CTE and workforce development stadards. No long term contract required.
  • Connection to reputable online resources outside of Dream Catcher.
  • Individual and home school users will receive everything students receive.
  • Individual and home school users also have.