steve_firefighterSteve Ward, founder of Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises and winner of the Innovation in Education award, speaker, author, and multi-media producer has been dedicated to saving lives. As a firefighter, he put out fires and rendered emergency medical care to the public for over 16 years. As the CEO and founder of Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises, he puts a new spin on workforce development and gets youth and adults fired up about their futures. 

Steve is a purpose-driven youth advocate devoted to helping people determine their purpose in life and develop a career plan of action to facilitate it. Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises offers schools, school districts, organizations and individuals a unique curriculum that can be used in any setting and on most technologies. Steve manages day-to-day operations and drives the organization’s strategy and growth.

Prior to heading up his current business venture, Steve helped grow the highly successful adult education software company called Essential Education. He was also an inventor who developed innovative hardware technology that would become the first tablet PC designed strictly for classroom use.

With more than 13 years of experience, Steve is an expert in educational technology. He is passionate about helping people discover their purpose and believes his purpose is to help others discover their purpose. Steve seeks to accomplish this through his software platform Dream Catcher which is already been proven to do just that. In his spare time, Steve enjoys hanging out with his wife and five children and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.