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Although everything starts with a dream our focus shouldn't be on our Dream Boards but on enthusiasm and the excitement of creating and completing your Action Board. A dream stays a dream without action.



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Dream Catcher Approach

The Dream Catcher approach is what sets us apart. (DBA) Dream Catcher Enterprises interest isn’t just developing students for the workforce but in developing people ready for today and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Dream Catcher believes in creating and providing products that delves into the core—an individual’s “purpose” in life and their true passion & giftings. We believe in going beyond generalized personality assessments. Instead, we focus on each student as an individual.

15 years of working directly with students in this market have shown us, that from middle to high school, students exhibit the ability to comprehend having a life and career purpose. We’ve learned that if cultivated correctly, this age group is capable of identifying their purpose and planning to live out that purpose. Dream Catcher Enterprises provides a unique and effective career development curriculum that helps students:

  • Explore and discover their purpose
  • Set purpose-driven goals
  • Identify career choices based on their purpose and giftings
  • Create action plans
  • Track and monitor progress




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Especially created to engage the IEP student and the hard to reach and hard to teach.

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Dream Catcher Curriculum

What is Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is a career readiness and workforce development curriculum designed to accelerate students ability to discover an initial career path through discovering a clarity of purpose and self worth.

How does Dream Catcher work?

Dream Catcher is an 8 lesson, interactive curriculum designed for both online and in-class instruction. Interactivity, gamification, group and individual activities, employability skill videos and activities are designed to engage the student and spark intrinsic motivation. With Dream Catcher, students discover relevance for core academic curriculum through investigating ones’ purpose and most suitable career path. This process is also a very important part of developing decision making skills. Additionally, Dream Catcher has built an infrastructure ( Student Management System) for teachers, parents and administrators to monitor, support and encourage students through the curriculum. Finally Dream Catcher provides students with outside resources, local employers, training, labor market information, and direct contact with the next step along their educational journey.

Why Chose Dream Catcher?

Although Dream Catcher falls under the category of workforce development and career readiness, Dream Catcher’s first focus is developing people. We believe everyone wins when we develop purpose-driven people placed in the most suitable careers for who they are. Schools and employers get intrinsically motivated people ready to give their best. Intrinsically motivated purpose-driven people are fulfilled in how they contribute to their community.

  • Dream Catcher provides opportunities for students to explore and investigate careers they are already interested in, or explore original career paths based on self exploration and a purpose driven mindset.
  • Dream Catcher helps students analyze the reasons why they are interested in a career path, and leads them through a structured decision making process that gives them confidence to make a final and informed decision.
  • Dream Catcher is designed to be used by students ages 12 through adults. In High School Dream Catcher is encouraged to be used multiple times. Once in the 9th grade and once in the 11th grade at no additional charge.
  • Parents may also use Dream Catcher as additional value added without any additional cost.
  • Dream Catcher offers original innovative vibrant lessons. Motivational videos incorporate various learning modalities and soft skills are integrated into each lesson.

Dream Catcher Customers

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Anyone who desires to have a fulfilling life or someone who wants a fulfilling life for someone else can become a Dream Catcher customer. Finding purpose and aligning purpose with a career path has no age range. Dream Catcher serves 3 primary markets:

All Educational Institution Types:

Additionally, Dream Catcher offers the same programming to each students parent at no additional cost when students are enrolled in an educational institution. Parents receive their own account as well as being able to monitor their youths account. For purchasing a Educational Institution License call: (909)437-1180

The Homeschooled Students

The asynchronous online curriculum option lends itself perfectly for independent study. Both individual and/or small group license are available. Purchasing a Home School License can be done at the Purchasing & Pricing tab at the top of this web page.

Community/Technical College and Adult School Licenses

The Adult Dream Catcher version is slightly different than the content provided for middle and high school students but is equally as effective in helping adults identify their purpose and career goals. For purchasing this version of Dream Catcher call: (909)437-1180

State Standards

Does Dream Catcher Meet State Standards?

Dream Catcher incorporates Common Core Standards in its lessons and displays what standards are being used at the beginning of each lesson. Dream Catcher is web-based, flexible to customize to its clients needs, and adaptable for individual state standards.

Dream Catcher curriculum features the following Common Core Standards.

Each Dream Catcher lesson is labeled with highly visible Common Core Standards for reference. Using Purpose as a method of helping students navigate a career path breeds Intrinsic Motivation within the student. Intrinsic Motivation changes the outlook the students have on Why they are learning and makes their learning experience relative to their desired outcome.

Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises believes that the method of Purpose-Driven Education will be the key to achieving Common Core Standards goals in the context of college and career readiness.

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